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4th-Jun-2013 05:07 pm - Return to the Ruins
eclipsed_aide: (Laugh ☾ Say do you remember)
Once again, it's the moon. Rubble and ruin. But a bit happier this time. There is music, from a small music box resting on a pillow. Yuzuki had found some treasures under the rubble: the music box, some sheets that were still clean (minus the burnt edges), a few bits of royal finery, and a broach. It's heart-shaped, antiquated, but it looks familiar. Holding it close helps her keep her memory, keep her sane, and it's pinned to her dress, a small splash of riches against her plain dress.

She was setting up a 'room' of sorts, amongst four pillows that remained standing. She strung up sheets, giving it a warm feel. A makeshift bed is made on the flat ground, of sheets bundled up. It's only about half a bed, but some comfort was better than none. There's even a pillow, a flat one, but a pillow nonetheless. No matter how many times she went to earth, she always came back here. She had to make it feel like home somehow...

As the music box slowed, Yuzuki perked up and moved to rewind it, to keep it playing. The music was all the had, all the noise she could get. It had to keep going.

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