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16th-Jan-2013 01:28 pm - 001 ♔ Rebellion At Hand
soldieroftheorlean: (☆ pouty)
[Oh it's been a long day. A familiar odango-styled head of blonde hair sinks lower and lower into a plush armchair. The hair and face are certainly familiar to most incidental residents of the nexus, but this incarnation herself is a newcomer. New as well, to those who might know the blonde otherwise, would be her style of clothes, and the fact that leaning against the chair next to her is a rapier.

There's an old, hand-drawn map laid out in front of her with little flagged pins sticking up from it. Blue flags dominate the map, but black flags are at a spare few points. And in front of the map, closest to hers, is a giant slice of cake.

Blue eyes peek over the icing from slumped way down in her chair, and they seem to sparkle a little. She shifts and straightens a little bit, then a bit more, then finally she looms over the cake like a predator to it's cornered prey, and she picks up a fork with no less murderous intent.

The girl takes a giant bite, and hums a happy noise as she sinks against the back of the chair again and chews with a near dreamy look on her face.

Come interrupt her thoughts?

{{ooc: This is General Moon/Tsukino Usagi from the country of Orlean. Think similar in style to the Earth Kingdom in the Silver Millenium, but with a different story. Come say hi :D }}
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