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The orphanage was incredibly quiet at this time of night. Everyone was asleep and that included the nuns, so of course that meant Bethebel had to be careful tiptoeing past them. The wooden floors creaked ominously as she swept past; though she had excuses ready should anyone wake, she was aware that she risked a beating.

She didn't care. There was something downstairs she wanted to do and she could only do it while the noro were all asleep.

And so any who find themselves in this corner of the Nexus will find a frizzy-haired girl, huddling in a room with a single candle lit, looking at a book. Its been slow, slow, slow work, but--she thinks she's starting to get the reading down.


Return to the Ruins

Once again, it's the moon. Rubble and ruin. But a bit happier this time. There is music, from a small music box resting on a pillow. Yuzuki had found some treasures under the rubble: the music box, some sheets that were still clean (minus the burnt edges), a few bits of royal finery, and a broach. It's heart-shaped, antiquated, but it looks familiar. Holding it close helps her keep her memory, keep her sane, and it's pinned to her dress, a small splash of riches against her plain dress.

She was setting up a 'room' of sorts, amongst four pillows that remained standing. She strung up sheets, giving it a warm feel. A makeshift bed is made on the flat ground, of sheets bundled up. It's only about half a bed, but some comfort was better than none. There's even a pillow, a flat one, but a pillow nonetheless. No matter how many times she went to earth, she always came back here. She had to make it feel like home somehow...

As the music box slowed, Yuzuki perked up and moved to rewind it, to keep it playing. The music was all the had, all the noise she could get. It had to keep going.

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001 ♔ Rebellion At Hand

[Oh it's been a long day. A familiar odango-styled head of blonde hair sinks lower and lower into a plush armchair. The hair and face are certainly familiar to most incidental residents of the nexus, but this incarnation herself is a newcomer. New as well, to those who might know the blonde otherwise, would be her style of clothes, and the fact that leaning against the chair next to her is a rapier.

There's an old, hand-drawn map laid out in front of her with little flagged pins sticking up from it. Blue flags dominate the map, but black flags are at a spare few points. And in front of the map, closest to hers, is a giant slice of cake.

Blue eyes peek over the icing from slumped way down in her chair, and they seem to sparkle a little. She shifts and straightens a little bit, then a bit more, then finally she looms over the cake like a predator to it's cornered prey, and she picks up a fork with no less murderous intent.

The girl takes a giant bite, and hums a happy noise as she sinks against the back of the chair again and chews with a near dreamy look on her face.

Come interrupt her thoughts?

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Dong. Dong.

Twenty little girls, all dressed in white and purple habit, were all lined up in a row, silent as death in a dark, dank convent. They were getting ready for the day, wearing the clothing which signified them as orphans.

Of course, there were more than twenty girls in the orphanage. But not all of them were good enough to go outside and be adopted, or even be looked at. Bethebel was one of them. So she was in the main bedroom, sitting on her bedroll, idly staring at the floor.

She knew she was going to be called down to clean the soup kitchen. That was all she was good for, right? She hated it. But she was a kid; she had no friends, not family.

What could she do?