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4th-Aug-2013 07:14 pm
cerynean: (o_o)
The orphanage was incredibly quiet at this time of night. Everyone was asleep and that included the nuns, so of course that meant Bethebel had to be careful tiptoeing past them. The wooden floors creaked ominously as she swept past; though she had excuses ready should anyone wake, she was aware that she risked a beating.

She didn't care. There was something downstairs she wanted to do and she could only do it while the noro were all asleep.

And so any who find themselves in this corner of the Nexus will find a frizzy-haired girl, huddling in a room with a single candle lit, looking at a book. Its been slow, slow, slow work, but--she thinks she's starting to get the reading down.

4th-Jan-2013 09:19 pm
cerynean: (pic#5459647)
Dong. Dong.

Twenty little girls, all dressed in white and purple habit, were all lined up in a row, silent as death in a dark, dank convent. They were getting ready for the day, wearing the clothing which signified them as orphans.

Of course, there were more than twenty girls in the orphanage. But not all of them were good enough to go outside and be adopted, or even be looked at. Bethebel was one of them. So she was in the main bedroom, sitting on her bedroll, idly staring at the floor.

She knew she was going to be called down to clean the soup kitchen. That was all she was good for, right? She hated it. But she was a kid; she had no friends, not family.

What could she do?
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