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[ Siiiiiigh.

It's hard, stressful work trying to find a good target. That's especially true for one Sailor Aluminum Seiren, since she's more or less used to having Crow's help when it comes to that task. She's trying, though, but she doesn't seem to be having much luck.

Naturally that means it's time for a little snack break!

Pizza, anyone? ]
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[Is that...


A blonde girl is pulled towards the delectable smell as surely as a cartoon animal. When she realizes someone is
holding the food she's all but drooling over, she gives a sheepish laugh that quickly turns bright.

She seems completely oblivious to any sinister overtones of target seeking.]

It sure looks delicious!

(ooc: also kind of tempted to send Sailor Lethe for a fellow animamate. sound good or better to keep to one thread?)
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[Oh, does she want a piece. She wants nothing more, right at this particular moment, in fact. Usagi's face lights up immediately, and she nods her head quite enthusiastically.]

Please! [There is absolutely no need to be any job at all while there is pizza to be had, mysterious new friend.]

I'm Usagi. Call me that. [Not a lick of restraint here.]
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should we go with somehow knowing each other, or no due to anime/manga differences?

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[Lethe does not believe in snack breaks. Then again, she always has taken herself too seriously. Normally, she would not even have left the banks of her river, and her boat. She carries a pole even now.

She regards Seiren with a calculating gaze.]

Such a waste of time.
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hope a late tag with this character is ok!

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[Someone else was working. Right now, in fact.
And here she came, pacing into the room, a catalogue in her hand. She was clearly busy with the strange and arcane methods the animamates used to determine targets.

No, this one probably not, maybe this one. Seiren, what -

[She looked up, spotted Seiren. And, well, froze for a moment, blinking. Then - ]

Seiren! Why are you eating again!