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001 ♔ Rebellion At Hand

[Oh it's been a long day. A familiar odango-styled head of blonde hair sinks lower and lower into a plush armchair. The hair and face are certainly familiar to most incidental residents of the nexus, but this incarnation herself is a newcomer. New as well, to those who might know the blonde otherwise, would be her style of clothes, and the fact that leaning against the chair next to her is a rapier.

There's an old, hand-drawn map laid out in front of her with little flagged pins sticking up from it. Blue flags dominate the map, but black flags are at a spare few points. And in front of the map, closest to hers, is a giant slice of cake.

Blue eyes peek over the icing from slumped way down in her chair, and they seem to sparkle a little. She shifts and straightens a little bit, then a bit more, then finally she looms over the cake like a predator to it's cornered prey, and she picks up a fork with no less murderous intent.

The girl takes a giant bite, and hums a happy noise as she sinks against the back of the chair again and chews with a near dreamy look on her face.

Come interrupt her thoughts?

{{ooc: This is General Moon/Tsukino Usagi from the country of Orlean. Think similar in style to the Earth Kingdom in the Silver Millenium, but with a different story. Come say hi :D }}
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[Usagi, when are you ever going to stop and take things more seriously? Like not getting crumbs all over the map. Which is bound to happen because Usagi + Food + Things That Shouldn't Be Messy = disaster. Ami gives an internal sigh.]

Please don't bring food into the meeting room.

[This quiet protest has a note of resignation to it, an old argument that has no bite or heat to it any longer, from the futility of having gone through it dozens of times. Still, she peeks over the stack of books she's carrying to look at the pins and their placements.]
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[Ami decides not to argue any further, and sets her books down in a free space at a corner of the table. She frowns, but not at the cake. Rather, it's the offending pins that have her attention.]

That river is a strategic point. They'll be able to cut off shipments of supplies to that area.
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[Ami's impressed. Usually it's her pulling together the team's strategy, identifying those key points and likely enemy movements. She considers Usagi's theory.]

I think you're right. It could seem like an easy victory, and they could use it as a base for further maneuvers.
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[Oh, Ami knows very well why Usagi is the leader. When it comes down to it, in their darkest moments, it's always Usagi's faith that shows them the way.

The same faith that makes Usagi want a way out of this battle. The same faith that makes Ami agree with her. She studies the map again.

"We could try to open further negotiations." With no absolutely clear advantage on the battlefield yet, both can negotiate from a position of strength. Neither would be forced into poorer terms, neither would be able to triumph cruelly.

But it would depend upon the other side being willing.
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i know what formatting is, really. >_<

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That doesn't mean we can't negotiate. [This time, Ami is firm.] It only means we can't send you as our representative.

[This is sort of, kind of, very indirectly, her volunteering.]
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That's precisely why you shouldn't go. As our leader, you'll be needed. If something were to happen...

[Guess who's definitely going instead?]

I'll go. I have experience in this area. I'll be able to come to an agreement.
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This is fine. I'll handle it and come right back. [The smile is meant to be reassuring.]

For the time being, let's discuss other possibilities.
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[It's agreed, then. She feels more than a small relief. Really, this type of mission shouldn't have much risk - to her. The princess or the generals' leaders would make a much more tempting target. Which is why they'll stay protected.]

If they won't accept a parley, or any terms, we'll have to reinforce our own holdings along the river. We can't give it up entirely.
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That depends. [She's thinking ahead, trying to guess not just the numbers and positions, but their opponents' thinking, too.]

It isn't just about the battle. It's about ending this as quickly as possible, without bystanders and innocents hurt. [That may require an offensive, a show of strength.]
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[Ami's still hopeful it won't come to that, even a skirmish. But they have to be prepared.

She glances at Usagi.]

Didn't you just have some? [In the meeting room, after she said that wouldn't be a good idea?]
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[Usagi... Ami is right here. She watched you hide the plate.

Oh, nevermind.]

I don't need any right now, but if you really want to, go ahead.
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[She's getting the idea that the point is really to share it, which makes Ami smile.]

Shall we have a piece, then?

[She seems to be edging this cake-filled meeting towards another room, however. She nods towards the doorway.]
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[Oh, she's well aware it's 'more'. But Usagi is one of those people it's very hard to argue with on these points. Besides, they have more serious things to think about. Though she takes a slice of cake into the other room, she pokes at it distractedly instead of eating it enthusiastically.]
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[Lacking an Usagi-level appetite doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong; she's just thinking.]

I just have my mind on this situation.
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[The cake is delicious, but she is a bit worried by events shaping up around them.]

Just for a little while. I'd like to meet with the others later today.
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[A few minutes can make a large difference. But right now, Ami thinks they can be spared. She eats neatly, but she stops with a bite halfway to her mouth at that question.]

We were discussing some recent research together. [She is impervious to Cupid, really. Unless, one day, the right man...]
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Well, there were some points that still weren't clear, so we were planning to go to the library to look up some new information to help.

[Yep. Studying. Look how horribly innocent.]
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[Fun? Not that she doesn't enjoy it, but...]

The purpose of this trip isn't for pleasure. We have a lot of things we need to accomplish.
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It's alright. We can go now, if you'd prefer. [Ami sets the dessert aside, and stands up before pushing in her chair.]
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[There'll be more cake another day. That's what they fight for: peace to enjoy those simple pleasures. Right now, it's time to protect them.]

We should find her out in the training field, then. Or in this weather, perhaps the indoor room.
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[Ami goes at a slow pace, calmly. Makoto is strong, and a good ally, but she does tend to confrontation more than Ami herself prefers. In this current situation, she's not sure they're ready for Makoto's more direct methods.

Maybe she can keep Makoto busy preparing their defense in the event negotiations fail...

As they arrive, Ami hovers in the doorway instead of entering immediately.]