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Usa Tsukino (Black Lady) ([personal profile] blacklady) wrote in [community profile] moonlocket2015-07-09 09:24 pm

Rider on the storm.

A storm had rolled just before the sun had set, casting an eery greenish glow across the city of Tokyo. The wind picked up, rain began to fall, and then came the thunder and lightning. Anyone caught outside without an umbrella would surely be soaked by now. Most had retreated indoors when the light show started, so there weren't many people around to witness as lightning struck a utility pole causing a brilliant flash of light and a resounding crack of thunder. Near the bottom of the pole where water rushed along the curb, a scorched circle was left that singed a nearby sign along the road. What was inside the circle was the most curious thing of all.

A pink-haired young woman, dressed all in black, was curled up and shivering in that place, unaware of her current situation. From her perspective she was having a terrible nightmare, one filled with the most vivid lightning and thunder that left the ears ringing. She twitched and turned, a hand splashing down into the rushing water beside her. It was enough to bring her out of it, not that the scenery was much different from what she'd been experiencing. Where was she? How did she get there? Her mind was a complete blank, thrown into chaos by the means of her arrival. She reached up to touch her forehead where a shimmering gold moon crescent changed to black then to gold again as it faded from sight. A crack of thunder forced her to sit up on her knees, glancing back and forth down the dark, empty street. After the lightning strike, the power had blinked out making the scenery all the more ominous. A pair of red eyes peering into the darkness wouldn't help matters any.