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Dong. Dong.

Twenty little girls, all dressed in white and purple habit, were all lined up in a row, silent as death in a dark, dank convent. They were getting ready for the day, wearing the clothing which signified them as orphans.

Of course, there were more than twenty girls in the orphanage. But not all of them were good enough to go outside and be adopted, or even be looked at. Bethebel was one of them. So she was in the main bedroom, sitting on her bedroll, idly staring at the floor.

She knew she was going to be called down to clean the soup kitchen. That was all she was good for, right? She hated it. But she was a kid; she had no friends, not family.

What could she do?
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hope this is ok, just kind of ran with it. XD

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It was, at least, the day that a local girl came to tutor some of the orphanage's children. After all, best they gain at least a basic education, and learn to be productive members of society. So, occasionally, there was a respite from the drudgery as long as they were willing to work with their minds instead.

Ami spotted the little girl on the bed, well, instantly. It was hard not to, with the vibrant, unruly hair that she tactfully avoided calling notice to.

"You should hurry," she said gently, and assuming the little girl was one of the potential pupils. "Lessons will begin soon enough."
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The gentle smile faded to a more serious expression of concern as Ami stepped into the room.

"Why not?" The first assumption that came to mind: "Are you feeling ill today?" It would explain why the staff wouldn't want her to attend lessons, and spread the bug to the other children.
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Ami certainly hadn't known. She believed everyone deserved an education. Actually, she was far more used to insisting upon this to the students themselves. An unfamiliar, stubborn set to her jaw appeared.

"There's no reason for anyone to be held back from classes and studying," she said firmly. And she was quite willing, if need be, to tell the people running this place so. Or to threaten that her services would no longer be available otherwise.
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"I will tell them." Ami pressed her lips firmly together, more from conviction than confidence. Could she really stand up in front of illustrious personages like that and speak up clearly?

When this was happening, she could. She felt she had to. Ami smoothed a spot on the bed for herself, and came to sit carefully beside the little girl.
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"I would." The more she let herself think about the idea, the more the nerves receded, leaving behind that iron will when something important to her was threatened - in this case, the value of education, the value of a little girl's future.

This wasn't the time for that, though. First, she turned to the little girl, and offered a small tissue from her purse. "So please, dry your eyes. You don't need to cry."
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"We'll start today." There was no sense in waiting. They'd have a lot of material to cover to catch up to where the little girl should be at her age!

"I'm Mizuno Ami," she finally introduced herself. "What's your name?"
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She has a feeling the name given here might not be appreciated, if Bethebel's had a poor experience.

"If it's alright," she decides, "I'll call you Bethebel, then. I'm pleased to meet you."
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"It's alright," Ami says quietly. She stands up, and she's all smiles as the headmistress finds them. It pays, she's often found, to solve these things in a friendly manner.

"I'm very sorry," she apologizes to the headmistress. "It's my fault. I needed some work done, and she was the only one nearby to do it. We're not quite finished; would it be alright if she stays with me a little while longer?"

This is a quick lie, as Bethebel will know, and Ami feels a definite twinge of conscience for that. But it was for the best.
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Ami grinned conspiratorially, but she couldn't help being a bit relieved, too.

"You'll pay close attention and study hard, won't you?" she reminded Bethebel. "So I'm sure you'll get what I want right."

She made a mental note to look into the orphanage more. It was run more strictly than she'd realized.
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It was going to be a difficult challenge, Ami knew despite her enthusiasm for it. Even with a willing, eager pupil... if she hadn't had any lessons before...

"We'll begin with reading," she decided.
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Ami had to confess, to herself at least, a bit of feeling like she'd gotten in over her head. Where should she even start with this? (Not to mention finding a way to continue lessons regularly.)

Start at the beginning, she supposed.

"The alphabet first," she said decisively. "We'll go over that. It's the first step to reading and writing."