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The Shadow Machine Empire had outdone themselves this time. The various sailor-suited warriors of this nexus had thwarted their plans consistently, but thanks to their practiced and dangerous arts of fusing both science and magic they had managed to produce a warrior that could defeat any senshi foe it came across. At least, that was the hope.

Using an ancient and powerful amorphous blob of energy and imbuing it constantly with dark arts, the Machine Empire managed to create a foe that could copy and download any Senshi ability it came across. For a start, the Machine Empire's workers managed to download the scattered information they managed to collect already; a version of the dark-powered Sailor Mercury. Naturally, that wasn't enough, and so their new super-weapon was sent to a nexus point to gather more data.

With a flash, 'Dark Mercury' touched down on a city roof-top, still a bit dazed. Eyes flashing, she took a moment to observe her surroundings. "Seeking Senshi...no data. No data." Troublesome, but not insurmountable. If nothing came into her sensor range soon, she'd simply cause some mischief down below. That would perhaps serve to bring out her quarry. Finding a version of Dark Mercury so as to finish her current fragmented data would be helpful, but in truth any Senshi would do.

{{ Okay, if you ever wanted to fight a mirrored version of yourself, now is the opportunity! This foe is starting off as Sailor Mercury, but if she encounters anyone else, she'll shift to match the Magical Girl fighting her.}}