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Don't waste your time...

The looks on their faces.

Rei was fuming. Ami was pale. And Minako, well, Minako was the mistress of tranquil fury. Though she's the one who spoke as Makoto entered the Crown Karaoke Parlor, entered the secret base for the first time. "What do you want?" Not even a name; apparently what she had done, in the name of the future, was so abhorrent that she had lost that right. It didn't matter though; she had only come to do one thing.

Lifting a hand, three bracelets and one necklace floated into view, all three girls' eyes lighting up. "Kino-san..." Ami's voice, a hopeful little utterance. Makoto's expression didn't change, lightning gathering in an orb around the items floating above her hand. It was Minako's turn to go pale, the idol shaking her head.


There was a fierce crackle, and a small explosion took place in Makoto's hand, filling the room with light. As it faded, Makoto opened her hand, fine dust flowing out between her fingers, falling to the floor in useless ash. "I just came to return these."

Rei was on her in a flash, slapping the soldier of thunder so hard Makoto was certain a burn would be left behind. "How?! How could you let the Dark Kingdom do this to you?!"

A return slap was given by Makoto as she glared at the priestess, knocking the other brunette into the table. "If you would have all opened your eyes and actually tried to remember, then I wouldn't need to take such measures! The enemy is that girl, the crystal that rests inside her, the past life she's doomed to repeat."

Minako took her turn to tear into Makoto as Ami looked at Rei's reddened cheek. "Because of you, Usagi is-"

"In a coma. I know. I went to see her."

"You have no right-!"

"It is my job as a soldier to protect this planet from all threats. Within and without. I tried to explain what I know, but you will not listen. You are all unfit to protect this world. Especially Tsukino Usagi." Makoto fixed them all with a steely glare. "Take your blessings that she is merely in a coma." She had tied to draw out the Crystal from the comatose girl, but failed. Obviously. "I will only tell you this one more time: Serenity cares for nothing but Endymion. She will destroy everything unless she's dead or the Crystal destroyed. You better pray she never wakes up, because when she does... I'll be waiting." Makoto clenched her hands. "This planet is protected!"

Silence filled the room, only interrupted by Ami's Teletia-S ringing. After a hushed conversation, the three girls hurried out of the room, all shooting glances at Makoto as they left. Either Usagi's condition had improved, or it had worsened. Alone, Makoto sighed and rested a hand on the forming bruise on her face, unaware someone had seen everything that just went down.

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