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Don't waste your time...

The looks on their faces.

Rei was fuming. Ami was pale. And Minako, well, Minako was the mistress of tranquil fury. Though she's the one who spoke as Makoto entered the Crown Karaoke Parlor, entered the secret base for the first time. "What do you want?" Not even a name; apparently what she had done, in the name of the future, was so abhorrent that she had lost that right. It didn't matter though; she had only come to do one thing.

Lifting a hand, three bracelets and one necklace floated into view, all three girls' eyes lighting up. "Kino-san..." Ami's voice, a hopeful little utterance. Makoto's expression didn't change, lightning gathering in an orb around the items floating above her hand. It was Minako's turn to go pale, the idol shaking her head.


There was a fierce crackle, and a small explosion took place in Makoto's hand, filling the room with light. As it faded, Makoto opened her hand, fine dust flowing out between her fingers, falling to the floor in useless ash. "I just came to return these."

Rei was on her in a flash, slapping the soldier of thunder so hard Makoto was certain a burn would be left behind. "How?! How could you let the Dark Kingdom do this to you?!"

A return slap was given by Makoto as she glared at the priestess, knocking the other brunette into the table. "If you would have all opened your eyes and actually tried to remember, then I wouldn't need to take such measures! The enemy is that girl, the crystal that rests inside her, the past life she's doomed to repeat."

Minako took her turn to tear into Makoto as Ami looked at Rei's reddened cheek. "Because of you, Usagi is-"

"In a coma. I know. I went to see her."

"You have no right-!"

"It is my job as a soldier to protect this planet from all threats. Within and without. I tried to explain what I know, but you will not listen. You are all unfit to protect this world. Especially Tsukino Usagi." Makoto fixed them all with a steely glare. "Take your blessings that she is merely in a coma." She had tied to draw out the Crystal from the comatose girl, but failed. Obviously. "I will only tell you this one more time: Serenity cares for nothing but Endymion. She will destroy everything unless she's dead or the Crystal destroyed. You better pray she never wakes up, because when she does... I'll be waiting." Makoto clenched her hands. "This planet is protected!"

Silence filled the room, only interrupted by Ami's Teletia-S ringing. After a hushed conversation, the three girls hurried out of the room, all shooting glances at Makoto as they left. Either Usagi's condition had improved, or it had worsened. Alone, Makoto sighed and rested a hand on the forming bruise on her face, unaware someone had seen everything that just went down.
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The voice, hushed with worry, could belong only to one person, and the distinctive blonde buntails framed an anxious face. She had heard the argument, it seemed. What she hadn't heard, and didn't know, was how to make whatever had just happened here... right.

"Mako-chan," she started again. "What just happened?" Those were your friends, Makoto, and Usagi can't even imagine what could put the senshi at each other's throats. That hadn't been anything like their normal squabbles.
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It probably doesn't take much for Makoto to realize it. And to give her her due, Usagi tries to realize what Makoto means, and she puzzles it out to the right end. The little differences, the little things bothering the back of her mind (instead of the giant thing occupying almost all of it right now) all mean a separate timeline, a separate world.

But she's sure that doesn't matter. She's sure that in any world, what she saw was wrong.

"But we're friends," she protests, even though there's a note to her voice that's just the tiniest, the smallest bit, uncertain of herself. She tries for a tremulous smile. "You can call me Usagi-chan, too."
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"We are." She's on more certain ground there, still far more concerned than angry. "We're friends, Mako-chan, and that's why we can work out whatever happened, and figure out how to make it right - together."

The snatches she had heard hadn't told her everything, but she knows Makoto must be hurting. From the way it sounds, Makoto blames her for something horrible. And if it's true... if it's true, she needs to find a way to make sure it doesn't happen, or a way to put it right.
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It is unbelievable. Usagi doesn't believe for one minute that it's over. It can't be. They're the senshi, they can pull through anything. They always have. She fortifies herself with these thoughts while she has to look into the angry eyes of yes her friend.

She looks at the transformation pens, and swallows. She can't deny this is serious. But she steadies herself and squares her shoulders.

"Those aren't what make us sailor senshi. That's something that can never be taken away."
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Usagi follows.

"There doesn't have to be anyone sacrificed," she insists. "Can't you believe that?" It isn't about any of the immediate situation, to her; it's about having that faith in their future, in each other, in finding a way to protect what they loved that didn't have to be... like that.
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"That didn't happen!" Usagi is quick to protest again. "And that means - it's hard for me to think it ever could happen - but if it did somehow, it doesn't have to. Because there are other times we were able to save everyone."

She didn't even know if she was making sense as one thought jumbled together with another, there was just the overriding need to persuade Makoto that the situation might be serious, but that was why they should handle it together and not... like this.

"Here," she said, nodding towards the paper. "let me." A part of her didn't want to, still disturbed from how the mark had been gotten; but it was Makoto. She didn't want to see her hurt without helping, either.
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It was so much more to Usagi. She dabbed at the mark, surprisingly gently. If nothing else, it had bought her a few more moments where Makoto wasn't walking away from her.

"That doesn't mean it has to happen again." The words were simple, really the same thing she'd just said before. But she believed them. "We can find a way to make sure of that."
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Usagi wasn't sure of herself with what she was about to say. She didn't know how Makoto would react and she didn't know what she was hoping for. It felt like stepping into a dark room in a house she didn't really know.

"Mako-chan," she asked it anyway, "If something else could be done instead, would you do that?"
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Usagi didn't believe either of those had to happen. She couldn't. She could understand it was serious, she could even try to force herself to believe it was a possibility, but- surely none of them would let it end that way? Surely she wouldn't?

She had to think. She had to be a leader. Luna had called her that, way back in the beginning, and there were times she had to step into the role. She had to figure out how to bring this world back on track. These were still her friends, suffering for whatever had happened here.

"Then let's talk," she says again. "Tell me what you've done so far, to stop it without having to do something like that. Maybe we can think of something else."
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"I want to know. If I don't know, I can't do anything to try to find a better way." This, at least was certain ground and Usagi's voice was firm even if she was unusually hesitant. She sat beside Makoto, as if there were no reason she would ever do anything else.
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She couldn't deny the risk of the past repeating... She couldn't even deny she had let it happen, made it happen, even if it had - apparently - been a very different past. And as much as she wanted to protest they were meant to be together so how could Mako have thought otherwise, Usagi stayed quiet, listening until the very end.

When Mako had finished, she seemed thoughtful, still unusually subdued as she made herself at least stay calm. It was a hard task. She wanted to scream that none of this could be right at all.

She decided to believe whatever Makoto said next: "Mako-chan, did you meet with the Dark Kingdom?" They had been defeated in Usagi's timeline, but that didn't matter here, as her friend had pointed out. What mattered was hearing from Makoto's own mouth, her side of what happened.
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They were, or at least if not, they were definitely still meant to be. They weren't reborn to live out these tragedies or these battles, they weren't reborn to cycle fate again and again; they were reborn to be with each other.

She took a moment to be grateful that she was certain, somehow, the senshi could still regain their powers. They always had before.

"Mako-chan..." She was clearly disturbed, not least because it was her that Makoto had centered all this around. Then the calm deserted her and the feelings bubbling over came to the surface. "I don't understand at all! Why would you- Why not let them help you? Why not let all of us help you?"

"There's no way I'd want to hurt anyone. If that could happen, there's no way I wouldn't want to help you find a way to stop it, so - why go this far?"
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"I'll tell them." Anything that might make this plan risky apparently didn't occur to Usagi. Any questions about the Tsukino Usagi currently in the hospital could be answered if she transformed in front of them; a senshi's aura wasn't something that could be faked, she had learned during the battles against Shadow Galactica.

"I'll tell them to at least listen, if you'll at least talk to them, Mako-chan." No threats on either side, no fighting. "A truce, to figure this out."

She was very serious.