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College Life

It had been a time since Usagi had been pulled from the Nexus. A long time since she had last seen Demand. But in all the time away, she could honestly say she never forgot. She loved him, and that knowledge was enough to keep her feelings intact. Her ardor never cooled; she could only hope his stayed the same.

In the meantime, a lot had happened: she had graduated from Mugen Gakuen, near the top of the class, and gotten into her first choice university: Joshibi University of Art and Design in Tokyo. She had found out late at Mugen that she had a way with fashion, and she needed something to do besides wait for the Nexus to reconnect with her. Dorm living didn't suit her, so she opted for an apartment, living on her own for the first time, away from her family. It was small, but it suited her. She made it work.

She still worked at Maid's Gift, on the weekends and days off, and during the summer. And whenever she wasn't in her maid uniform, she wore a piece of jewelry that Demand had given her. Today, it was the earrings, her hair framing them, but not hiding them from view. After a day of working at Maid's Gift, Usagi sighed and re-entered her apartment, unaware that the Nexus had re-connected her.
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He spots her immediately, as he always seems to. He probably couldn't pick her out of a lineup of her alternates if their lives depended on it, but among crowds of humans - not yet lazy and arrogant, the humans of the twentieth century, he has noted - he could have picked her out from a mile away. Easily. Effortlessly.

There was no crowd this time, but the simple few passers-by near her apartment. He didn't even bother with any form of disguise. He simply stepped forward to open and hold the outer door for Usagi. His low voice came from very close by, enough to buzz her ear, quiet but no less intent.

"I have waited a long time to see you once more."
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When Usagi turned around, Demando was there, far too close for personal space, still holding open the door. If his heart was pounding like hers, it was covered by a coating of surprised pleasure. He hadn't yet succeeded - even with the power at his command - in being able to come here as frequently as he'd have wished.

And yes, it was her, he saw. The same eyes that welcomed him instead of shunning him, in that same most beautiful face.

"You grow even more beautiful," he told her.
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It never stopped surprising him. Every time, he had to remind himself this was real. Those eyes weren't looking at him with suspicion and hatred, his third eye hadn't brought it about.

He lost no time in taking her into his arms, while he had this opportunity.

"Didn't you know?" he told her simply. "I'd have found you."