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Hotaru Tomoe ♄ Saturn ([personal profile] quietglaives) wrote in [community profile] moonlocket2013-06-11 09:19 pm

A quiet moment.

Saturn's room is spacious, but spartan-like. The walls a pale white, the furniture all dark wood, the only splashes of colour coming from the many books stored neatly in the many bookshelves and the blanket on the bed, a deep purple. It's not the room of a teenage girl, too neat, too bare but this is the life this Saturn lives. Possessions are meaningless to her, a soldier, a weapon, has no need for them.

And yet today she isn't dressed like a weapon, a purple gown covering her from her neck to her toes. The gloves are gone though, impractical at this time, as she tests the strings of her violin, checks their tightness. Then she stands, and makes her way to the window, instrument gripped in her hand as she stares down at the glittering city, night cloaking it in her protective arms.

And then she starts to play, eyes closed as she loses herself to the music.

[ooc: For a small bit of backstory, this Saturn is taken from the old musebox on lj, who is an older potential future for the younger Hotaru who lived in "poisonverse". Essentially instead of being killed, Mercury used the ties young Hotaru had to her to turn the girl to her side and she obeys Mercury and the Shitennou without question. Feel free to query if you have any questions]

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