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A quiet moment.

Saturn's room is spacious, but spartan-like. The walls a pale white, the furniture all dark wood, the only splashes of colour coming from the many books stored neatly in the many bookshelves and the blanket on the bed, a deep purple. It's not the room of a teenage girl, too neat, too bare but this is the life this Saturn lives. Possessions are meaningless to her, a soldier, a weapon, has no need for them.

And yet today she isn't dressed like a weapon, a purple gown covering her from her neck to her toes. The gloves are gone though, impractical at this time, as she tests the strings of her violin, checks their tightness. Then she stands, and makes her way to the window, instrument gripped in her hand as she stares down at the glittering city, night cloaking it in her protective arms.

And then she starts to play, eyes closed as she loses herself to the music.

[ooc: For a small bit of backstory, this Saturn is taken from the old musebox on lj, who is an older potential future for the younger Hotaru who lived in "poisonverse". Essentially instead of being killed, Mercury used the ties young Hotaru had to her to turn the girl to her side and she obeys Mercury and the Shitennou without question. Feel free to query if you have any questions]
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No matter what, there was going to be a Sailor Saturn. Nothing they had done had changed that even one bit.

So they used her. In some ways, it hadn't been hard at all. Death had meant little to the Goddess of Destruction, who had never been saved by pleading from a soft-hearted girl, or protected by a heroine and her daughter, or raised by three loving parents. She was prepared to do her duty as a soldier, to wipe out threats to their star system with no more regret than throwing away something from the refrigerator, too molded and rotten to be good for anything anymore. She was Saturn, a raw force; they knew that, too.

They interfered with her very little, nowadays. Today, however, the Lady Mercury, too, had come out to feel the night air and perhaps to clear her head. Like the other girl, she was clad in a long gown, this time of blue satin. Her appearance was an older one.

She had been drawn by the music, always appreciative of such talent. She said nothing for awhile, listening quietly instead. When the music died away, she noted, "Your lessons are the same as always." By which she meant quickly learned, with eerie skill.
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Mercury was aware of the use of rhetoric and propaganda throughout the planet. She was also very well aware of the truth behind nearly every relevant event. Besides, she was no longer one to come and bend the knee and sing praises and anthems. Far from it, with her quick, hot independence.

In her own achievements, she worked to bring pride and success to herself.

Since they hadn't been able to rid themselves of Saturn, though, the goal had become to keep her slumbering, to see her roused to action only when it benefitted them - and always turned outward, never turned on the planet called Earth. Becoming her 'mentor' had been a part of that - and in some ways, not an unpleasant part. A bright mind was always something refreshing to encounter. Mercury kept that mind moving in productive channels, or so they all hoped.

So only a fool would have disagreed or argued. Mercury was not.

"That's the only goal you need to be concerned with," she said instead, approvingly, and if she recognized how much she sounded precisely like Kunzite, she decided not to analyze that thought.
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"No," she answers, as if perhaps she really did come out here just to hear the music, just to feel the outside wind. It wasn't that she couldn't do those things when she wished, or even go beyond to the forest and waterfall that somehow still managed to be nearby. But moments of peace were rarer. Perhaps for Saturn, too - she thought of the girl beside her as Saturn; it was easier.

"I only came out for awhile. I intend to finish reading a book I was studying from later tonight." It wasn't unusual for her to be immersed in research; but perhaps the topics, lately, had been different. They'd been her own, without interruption to keep her from them.

"I like to hear it when you play," she added, and this was sincere. She'd always appreciated music, especially classical, and Saturn's was among the best.
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For now, perhaps that was what she needed. Something had just stirred in her, that impulse to music and art. She decided to, at least, accept the invitation.

"Go ahead."

There was room to sit, and she seated herself much as someone attending a concerto might, attentively and with straight posture and hands folded in her lap. Of course, it was also simply her habit from long ago, adopted sometimes seriously and sometimes facetiously now.

Once, there had been power in Saturn's music, she recalled. She could excuse herself to herself by claiming she had simply wanted to see if this was still true. But she knew what she truly wanted was the music. She was not comfortable frequenting Zoisite's rooms.