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Return to the Ruins

Once again, it's the moon. Rubble and ruin. But a bit happier this time. There is music, from a small music box resting on a pillow. Yuzuki had found some treasures under the rubble: the music box, some sheets that were still clean (minus the burnt edges), a few bits of royal finery, and a broach. It's heart-shaped, antiquated, but it looks familiar. Holding it close helps her keep her memory, keep her sane, and it's pinned to her dress, a small splash of riches against her plain dress.

She was setting up a 'room' of sorts, amongst four pillows that remained standing. She strung up sheets, giving it a warm feel. A makeshift bed is made on the flat ground, of sheets bundled up. It's only about half a bed, but some comfort was better than none. There's even a pillow, a flat one, but a pillow nonetheless. No matter how many times she went to earth, she always came back here. She had to make it feel like home somehow...

As the music box slowed, Yuzuki perked up and moved to rewind it, to keep it playing. The music was all the had, all the noise she could get. It had to keep going.

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Mercury remembered the moon vividly. Space travel wasn't the sort of thing a girl ridiculously interested in science brushed aside.

This was familiar, then, in that vague nostalgic way that took her a few moments before she finally took in the rubble she was looking at, the silent lack of atmosphere she was still somehow able to breathe in, the place where the senshi had drawn out the sword, and the girl-

The girl?!

It was fairly clear she was setting up a living space of some sort. The music box, the only break to the place's silence, was too obviously a personal possession. It seemed sad that someone would be living among these ruins, alone. She approached Yuzuki cautiously, and called out politely, keeping her hands clearly visible intentionally to show she had no malicious purpose.

"Are you alright, Miss?" Without a name, she defaulted to the polite address.
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Mysteriouser and mysteriouser.

"You know me?" Mercury's voice comes out somewhat uncertain. She doesn't recnogize Yuzuki, but there's a strong likelihood anyone able to live here truly does have some connection to the Moon, and the senshi as a result.

Besides, she knows her memories of the past are somewhat hazy. This could be a chance to learn more about it.
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Despite the polite forgiveness, Mercury can't help feeling badly, especially if Yuzuki really is-

That's right. Yuzuki really is here, instead of reborn on Earth.

But she could return now, couldn't she? She didn't have to be alone.

"I apologize. Things from back then are somewhat indistinct. But, why are you here alone?"
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"It must have seemed lonely." It must have been lonely, thought the girl who'd always longed to be surrounded by her friends.

"Do you have everything you need here? What about food, and provisions?" Or medical supplies... was there illness here on the moon, now? Or what about things to read and study? Her mind quickly leaped to all the things she so often took for granted would be right in arm's reach.
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But that was supposed to have happened when the Dark Kingdom was defeated. Luna had told them the Moon Kingdom was revived, even though Usagi had chosen to return to Earth.

Then, somehow, was she seeing a fragment of time from before then? She should probably try to ask Pluto about that...

"I'm sure it will happen some day," was what she said, grateful she could at least be confidently reassuring about that much.
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She wouldn't have minded standing; while she was courteous by nature, Mercury preferred to avoid a direct spotlight and fussing over herself. But it would also be rude to refuse the offered seat, so she took it instead, posture somewhat formal and proper.

"Thank you. Your hospitality is very kind, too.